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The Spotlight Series by DAGZ Productions

My current project is exploring and expanding my creativity and ideas within a forum that can showcase and benefit me.  This blog is one form of it, but I now want to incorporate film and other aspects of entertainment.

DAGZ Productions is the next step.  My premiere creation is The Spotlight Series.  Below is the first episode.

The Spotlight Series is a video collection featuring interesting people and intriguing projects. Episode 1: The Lounge – a radio show at WRGW. DJ Dagny takes you behind-the-scenes of The Lounge and discusses producing a radio show, creating an artistic atmosphere, and dealing with a few challenges. http://www.mixcloud.com/TheLoungeWRGW

Please let me know what you think and become a fan of DAGZ Productions.


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Love, Peace, and Soul

 On February 1st, Don Cornelius was found dead at his home in Los Angeles with a gunshot wound to the head.  Shortly after this discovery, authorities ruled this finding as a suicide.  That morning I was running errands before class when my mother called me with the sad news.  It changed my entire day.

I am a huge fan and admirer of the style and attitude of the 1960s and 70s.  Last year I received the Soul Train DVD box set as a gift and spent a couple of days absorbing all of those episodes.  As I returned to my dorm to read the developments of the story, I couldn’t help but feel even more devastated by Cornelius’ passing.  The story was not the main headline for any news outlets.  Actually, the miniature bulletin about his death had already shifted down to make room for other mediocre stories.  There was no sense of pause or remorse or even recognition for the impact this man had on society and culture as a whole.

 For those who might not know, Cornelius was the creator and host of a TV show called “Soul Train.”  It is one of the longest-running syndicated shows in television history and played a critical role in spreading the music of black America to the world, providing exposure to artists like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and The Jacksons.

The impact this show made was not only limited to music.  It also influenced fashion, culture, and connections between cultures.  Essentially, Soul Train exposed its audience to a free and fresh state of mind.

Even though there was an outpour of tributes and sympathies from artists and activists who had worked with Cornelius, it didn’t seem enough.  I don’t want to sound stereotypical, but African-Americans do not make up a high percentage of suicide victims.  It was very hard for me to grasp what could have possibly pushed Cornelius to go to that extreme.  One would think the life of a legend should end peacefully.  Could life really be that bad?  All the people who owe their success to Cornelius, where were they?  It made me realize that we never really know what someone else is going through, especially if we don’t make the extra effort to be a true friend.

I decided to dedicate my show that week to Soul Train.  An hour of funk and soul, I described each artists experience on the show and plugged the VH1 documentary about Soul Train.  You can listen to the episode below.  As always, I wish you, and brother Don, love, peace, and SOUL.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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The Lounge [WRGW]

My current profession (along with college student) – radio host and producer!

On Thursday, 26/Jan, I premiered the first episode of The Lounge at WRGW district radio.  My show is a mixture of talk and music radio.  My playlists focus on a Global Fusion experience, showcasing artists from around the world who fuse genres, instrumentation, and vocals.  I discuss the artists and their music.  I also have a segment called “Stuff Like That” where I chat about random things and highlight events happening in DC.

I am so excited about this show.  I was a little nervous at first since I’m pretty much doing everything on my own and am kind of talking to myself, but once the music started – I was in my zone.

I would really appreciate it if you guys could check out my show.  You might enjoy the music.  I broadcast every Thursday at 6:20pm ET at WRGW.  I will also be uploading my episodes on MixCloud.  You can listen to my first episode below.

Please let me know what you think.  Do you have any music request?

Also, to any of you artists out there, I would be more than happy to have you as a guest.  Due to the advancement of technology, we don’t need to be in the same place to have an interview.  Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks in advanced.

DJ Dagny

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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