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 My latest musical frenzy is focused on Kimbra, a remarkably soulful and diverse singer, songwriter, and guitarist from New Zealand.  I stumbled on to her single “Cameo Lover” in February when I was sampling music for my radio show.  The music video diverted me to check out the rest of her music that was available on at that time.  She is nothing less than amazing.

Her debut album “Vows” was released in North America in May of 2012.  I have yet to feel the urge to skip any of the tracks.  Her voice has several dimensions that cross between soul to jazz to rock to just unique.  The album is just as colorful.  Some have lovely R&B rhythms while others fuse funk and rock or soft rock with pop.  She wrote all the lyrics and they are definitely worth listening to.  Kimbra is able to convey so much emotion without being cliché.

 Kimbra grew up in Hamilton, New Zealand.  She began writing songs at the age of 10 and began playing the guitar at the age of 12.  In 2007 she relocated to Australia to pursue a career in music.

Her style is also worth noting.  I like to describe it as retro with a modern twist and a burst of color.  It is fun, creative, and truly an extension of her music.

At the time I first heard her music, practically every track was uploaded on youtube by someone else.  I loved it so much, I actually went to Best Buy to purchase the physical album.  I honestly cannot remember the last time I did that for a current artist.  I highly recommend you check out Kimbra’s vows.


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