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NYT Style Magazine feature Esperanza Spalding, Les Nubians, & Corinne Bailey Rae

The New York Times Style Magazine “Women’s Fall Issue 2011” has a beautiful photograph spread on Esperanza Spalding, Les Nubians, and Corinne Bailey Rae.  Esperanza graces the cover of the magazine.  The article does not reveal anything new about her, but it does shed some light on the direction of the upcoming album and tour.  I think all of their photos are absolutely beautiful.  The black & white effect gives an elegant yet edgy feeling to all of the photos.

There are also some nice fashion trend tips in the magazine you might want to check out.  I will probably incorporate some of them in my Autumn Collection.


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StudioLove – Nick Ashford

I would have loved to dance with him in the 70s.

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The Love Game – two sides of the challenge

 The other day I was searching google for forums on how to get from one train station to another in a certain city.  As you might know, if you start typing a phrase in google, it will try to make an educated guess as to what you were thinking.  This sometimes causes the searcher to go off tangent and not realize 30 minutes have passed without achieving the initial goal.

So, Google guessed I was searching for “How to get a girl,” which showed multiple links to advice and tips to get a girl.  I took a peek at a few of these sites and was quite amused by what I found.  I then tried “How to get a guy” and was even more entertained.  However, the differences in approach and selected goals are intriguing.

 On the one side, guys are encouraged to try to be a friend to the girl they like.  They should listen to what she has to say and become familiar with her interests and personality.  If they are nervous around her, they should practice questions to ask and conversations to start before meeting her.  On the first day they should focus on minimal physical contact and other manners that showcase the charm of a gentleman.  While trying to make a good impression, the guy should be honest with her and himself.  The main goal is to persuade this girl to want to spend time with the guy.  Once these two people become more than friends, the guy should occasionally surprise her with gifts or random acts of kindness.

 On the other side, girls are encouraged to observe – or stalk – the guy they like to figure out what type of girls he is attracted to and other interests.  Once the girl has compiled a full analysis on this guy, she must re-evaluate herself to see if she fits the part.  If he prefers girls with short hair, she should consider cutting her hair.  If he prefers girls that giggle, she should try to incorporate that in her behavior.  If he likes football, she should become an expert on his favorite team.  The main goal is to convince this guy that she is the perfect fit in his life.  Once these two people become more than friends, the girl must make a consistent effort to keep him.  If he tends to spend more time with his friends, she should send flowers to herself with an anonymous card and/or say she is going out and will be late and not say where she is going.  Apparently, this will make the guy curious and make him not spend more time with his friends.

I am not sure how many people follow these guidelines or who is creating them, but I do not think it produces a fair and equal transaction among the two people involved.  There are too many strategic personas to keep up with.  What happened to just being yourself and chill with what fits?  I have not taken any courses with Dr. Phil or Madame Cleo, but I believe love should not be a game or a competition.  The ups and downs of learning about each other and growing a special bond together are enough of a challenge.  Maybe that is why so many young couples don’t last.  Maybe that is why some youths get murdered by their ex significant other.  Playing with a person’s emotions can be extremely damaging and the current trend of being involved with a different person every two weeks does not help.  The two roles illustrated in these “find love” blogs run parallel with the gender roles we have had throughout history.  Women are instructed to look and behave a certain way – from wearing corsets to push-up bras – to attract a good suitor.  Men are instructed to treat women in a certain way in public and uphold certain rules in private.  Not to say this method is oppressive or anything, but the concept of making a good impression should have a balanced field.  Maybe I am looking too deep into this, but I found it intriguing to observe.  What do you think?

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My favorite Sade poster

Of the two offered, this was my favorite poster.  The artistry and beauty are impeccable.

Cherish the Day by Sade

You’re ruling the way that I move
Not breath your air
You only can rescue me
This is my Prayer
If you were mine
If you were mine
I wouldn’t want to go
To heaven
I cherish the day
I won’t go astray
I won’t be afraid
Won’t catch me running
You’re ruling the way that I move
You take my air
You show me how deep love can be


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The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

 Are you tired of predictable plots and lame jokes?  Do you flip channels more than watch them?  Does your belief of mainstream comedy resonate with, “it’s just not funny anymore?”  If you answered yes to any of these or if you started thinking about the corny joke you just made, then you need to check out ABG.

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl is a web series by Issa Rae about the life and awkward moments of an awkward black girl.  Each character is designed to authenticate every moment without conforming to stereotypes.  There is “J,” the protagonist who can’t seem to go through one day without a million and one awkward and embarrassing things happening to her.  “Cece” is her only real friend who is almost as awkward as her and does not give the greatest advice, but she is loyal to J.  “Fred” is J’s office crush that she stalks occasionally but doesn’t know how to share her feelings.  “Nina” is the recently promoted manager at the office who seems to make the extra effort to make J’s life miserable.  “White J” is the new possible romance in J’s life who is as awkward and sweet as her.  J’s coworkers – “A,” “Darius,” and “Patti” – add even more flavor to the mix with their extreme behavior and humor.

Recently they posted their seventh episode announcing they needed to raise funds in order to continue the series.  Their goal was $30,000 by August 11th…they ended up with over $40,000 ( I donated too).  They now have a new website and t-shirt design available and a new episode in the works.

I am so happy they are continuing this series.  I can relate to it in so many levels.  Each episode has a scenario that I have experienced in some way.  I can recall multiple people I have encountered that have personalities that fit any one of these characters.  This is why the series is so fresh and entertaining, it gives you a chance to laugh with and at yourself.

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Just trying to “claim” my blog.  Don’t mind me…

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Something you don’t usually see…

Just wanted to share a performance by a group called Naturally 7.  The BET Honors Awards for 2011 honored Herbie Hancock and the tribute segment was excellent.  Unlike conventional award ceremonies, the BET Honors is an evening of elegance that pays homage to real talent.  I did not know of this group before I saw this performance, but I think they give the term “a capella group” a whole new meaning.

Unfortunately I am having difficulty posting the video here…probably for copyright reasons.  So you can see the Herbie Hancock tribute here.


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