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Soul Strut

I’m always adding things to my hobby list so that I have a little project to work on in between tedious academic requirements. A few months ago I decided to start a vinyl collection of jazz, soul, and funk music. During the winter break (Dec. 2010) I found my parents’ LP player. So, step 1 – find/own a record player – is somewhat complete. It has a very vintage connection for an amplifier, but the amp is currently missing in action. So, I am searching for a universal converter of some sort.

As for the actual records, I have yet to buy any. However, my searches have come up with some interesting findings. There is this website called “Soul Strut” where people submit mixes of old music. You can listen to all of it for free. I don’t think there is a download option, but I’m definitely “diggin it.”

Check it out (click on “Mixes” tab to listen to music)


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Shout Out to The Coil Review

Adding to my list of hair/culture resources: The Coil Review.  Their content covers a wide variety of subjects – that all connect to promoting natural hair – and has a funky layout.  They update every week with new editorials, events, and pictures.  I first heard of them through a trailer video, which I thought was very clever and cute.

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