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While our brothers and sisters in Egypt continue to fight for freedom, I have been closely following the situation through the Arab view and the U.S. view.  I have sadly realized that I do not personally know one Egyptian to discuss and share my solidarity with.  In addition, most people here want to remain in their bubble and feel okay to not know what is going on.  I always wanted to visit Egypt – to see where the White and Blue Nile meet, to experience a sunset among the pyramids, to discover the riches of Cleopatra and Nefertiti.  I find Egypt to be so exotic and enchanting. So, I decided to put together a little fun-fact-post about things from Egypt that interest me, outside of politics.

Did you know that braids date back to ancient Egypt?  A common look for men and women was to thread beads on braids until the entire braid was covered.  Even Cleopatra rocked braids once in a while.  They used henna to color their hair and condition it.  Wigs were also used routinely to achieve extravagant styles and to protect their own hair from the heat.

Egypt’s culture is so rich and exotic.  Even though it is difficult to find information or work by international artists in the U.S, I found two musical artists that I really like.

Source: google

Ruby (born Rania Hussein Mohammed Tawfik) is an Egyptian singer, actress, and occasional model.  She rose to fame in 2003 with her debut single “Enta Arif Leih.”  The video below is my top pick, “Yal Ramoush.”  She is so beautiful!

Source: google

Mohamed Hamaki (born Mohamed Ibrahim Hamaki) is an Egyptian singer.  In 2010 he won the award for “Best Arabic Act” in the MTV Europe Music Awards.  I like two of his songs: Leh Ya Habibi and Ahla Haga Feeki

Egypt has a fabulous sense of style.  The two major designers that I could find were Dagher Courture and Soucha Couture.

Dagher Couture: “Not every dress suits every woman. What matters is that she wears something that precisely suits her.”

Mireille Dagher Couture: Mireille is from Lebanon, but her works spans the region, including Egypt.

Dagher Couture

Dagher Couture

Soucha Couture – my current favorite! You have to check out the collections section on their site.

Soucha Couture

Soucha Couture

As for films, the only famous Egyptian actor that I know of is Omar Sharif.  He was in “Dr. Zhivago” and “Lawrence of Arabia.”  He has won three Golden Globe Awards and was nominated for an Academy Award.

Of course, no one can talk about Egypt without mentioning Cleopatra.  A fictional memoir was written about her by Margaret George.  I have heard its pretty interesting and plan to read it myself at a later date. The Memoirs of Cleopatra

So, these are a few things I found about Egypt.  You would not believe how difficult it is to find authentic and unique facts, pictures, music, etc. about anything outside of this country.  If any of you have access or know more about these things, please let me know.  I definitely want to add more Egyptian music to my library and some dresses to my closet.



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3 responses to “Did you know? – Egypt

  1. ABSA

    There is so much mystery to the nile. I also would like to see the sun set over the pyramids. There is so much we do not have access to and so much It would be nice to discover apart this part of the world. Good blog. thanks

  2. The reason it’s hard to find info on Egypt in Egypt is because a lot of artifacts were intentionally destroyed and plundered. For example the original negroid nose was shot off or the Sphinx! Original Egyptians were Nubian, not Arabs. The Arabs conquered the Nubians and shoved them in the poorer areas of the country. Therefore, at present day, Arabs are all we see on television news media. We have those images along with a European biased Hollywood propagated image of Egypt we see in the US (Liz Taylor & Charlton Heston). This is why the Ancient Egyptians wore beads in their hair etc…they looked a LOT like us. Just saying there are layers of lies about Egypt and a lot of history as we’ve been taught. Just know that not everything is what it appears to be when it comes to true history.

    • Good point. It is unfortunate that history is destroyed. Thanks for the insight. What do you think of the current situation in Egypt? The revolution does not seem to bring all the freedom they thought it would. Could one blame the education system for continuing to portray history in a distorted context?

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