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Cyberspace Premiere

Hello. Welcome!

Today marks my cyberspace debut.  I have spent a lot of time designing this blog and creating posts.  I’m so excited!  Thanks for stopping by.



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Should we criticize Oscar or ourselves?

As you may or may not know, I am an aspiring film director, actor, and producer.  Thus, I usually follow events and news (and films of course) that pertain to the film industry.

The nominations for the Academy Awards have been out for about a week.  There have been a few articles that have pointed out the obvious – none of the actors represent the black community. They then conclude that Hollywood has difficulty/an issue with diversity, specifically with African-Americans.   I also have an opinion on this subject.  Why must minorities look to the Oscars for recognition?

Look at it this way, Indians have “Bollywood.”  They direct and produce their own films and hold their own awards.  The Asian world has “Cinema of China,” “Cinema of Japan,” and “Asian Experiences.” They also have their own award shows to celebrate their work.  For now, Africa has Nollywood – a film industry based in Nigeria that produces soap operas with a similar storyline (like Bollywood).  Films from any of these industries are rarely recognized int the so-called “foreign film” category at the Academy Awards…and I am pretty sure they could care less.

As for African-Americans trying to make an impact in Hollywood, they should not work to achieve an Oscar.  Create your own award ceremony that recognizes films that provide education, celebration, and innovation about “black” culture, African roots, family, and just life in general.  Unfortunately, the current award ceremonies that the black american community have developed do not hold the same validity or clout as others do.  The BET Awards focuses on entertainment through music…mainly stereotypical, uncreative, commercialized hip-hop.  The Soul Train awards tries to maintain class by spending the majority of the air time paying tribute to real artists who are retired or deceased.   The NAACP Image Awards does well in recognizing the achievements of African-Americans in film, television, writing, etc.  However the content from the nominees is not very broad.  They should also award independent films, documentaries…but wait….there are none being made.

That is the other problem.  Why are there only two “mega” black directors – Tyler Perry and Spike Lee?  Why do the majority of films that have more than one token black actor focus only on the projects, drugs, single family homes, promiscuity, and unnecessary drama?  Why must we stick to only one depiction of the “community?”

The common excuse is the lack of support from mainstream film corporations.  This is true, but is not direct evidence to claim discrimination or injustice.  For instance, Tyler Perry developed and built his own production company and studio.  Others might not have the same resources, but the way technology is evolving, anyone can produce their ideas in a polished medium.

Think outside of the box.  Allow your imagination to run free of any pre-determined status quo.  Just like the Harlem Renaissance – create your own, build your own, succeed in your own, and enjoy your own.

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Sika Collection

Source: Sika - Gemini Collection

I absolutely love these outfits.  I have been sketching my own designs and I always get excited when I find inspiration like this.  The designer, Phyllis Taylor, is from Ghana, West Africa and manufactures this work of art from there.  Her clientele is based in the UK and the US. Her online store lists the outfits in euros – in the 3 digit range – but I am getting some ideas of what I can make for myself – cheaper. Even though it has been (and still is) a slow, gradual process, I am proud and supportive of Africa’s rising presence in the fashion world.  There is so much we can offer.



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Inna Modja

Inna Modja is a very talented woman.  She is originally from Mali and has lived in Nigeria, America, Togo, and now Paris, France.  In my opinion, her musical style is fun and unique.  She is also beautiful with gorgeous hair and can speak about five languages.  I read about her in an article at

Check out her music.

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Relax.  It will all get done.

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Hair Inspiration

These are some images I use to get ideas for my own hair and maintain my determination to go natural.


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Hello world!

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